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Bar Review: El Patron

141 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, SW152TX  
Before I moved to London, I was told “never go south of the river”. This has stuck in my mind throughout

The Carouser's Booze Travel Guide 2015

Booze Travel Guide 2015

Changing scenery seems to change drinking habits. I’ve heard stories of previous lightweights packing away a fair few pints on holiday and sometimes

Drink Review: The Wild Geese Rum


I have been holding on to these bottles of rum for quite some time, slowly draining the life from each. I struggled for awhile to decide on what I thought

A Curious Invitation's Masked Valentine's Ball

The Dark Side Of Love
I got married this weekend. It was a romantic affair on Valentine’s Day with a few witnesses, set on top of a wrestling ring.

Barcelona's Rockstar Bartender: Javier De Las Muelas

Dry Martini - Javier De Las Muelas

Being a bartender in London has its fair share of shortcomings. From cleaning blood and vomit to being told you can’t pour by some asshole who’s probably

Bar Review: The Dev, Camden

the dev Camden Review and History

33 Kentish Town Road NW1
‘Give me your finest bourbon, I’ve ended it with my woman again.’ In The Dev, they haven’t got a tab as much as a scorecard

New Column: Sex, Spirits and the Sentimentally Challenged by Marianna Manson

Are you fed up of Fifty Shades Of Shite too? In her debut column for The Carouser, Marianna Manson examines the hype, hysteria and harm surrounding the

Wank Bank #22

Guitar Army 2

This week we’re loving Mexican Food, rock and revolution, and cured oak bourbon. Grab the tissues and start reading what The Carouser is boning over

Bristol City Guide

Cider-drinking Bristol is renowned for its creative culture as well as knowing how to throw a party, which is reflected in the TV show Skins. The West

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