October 16, 2021

    Mexico Metro accident victims call for investigation

    Victims of the collapse of line 12 of the Mexico City subway on May 3 demanded this Friday to have…


      October 10, 2021

      Dopamine governs our mind, makes you obsessed and bored, interested and disinterested

      Why does passionate love turn into disinterest? Why do we get obsessed with what we want and get bored when…
      September 17, 2021

      New chemical can force dormant seeds to sprout

      In a new study scientists have shown that it is possible to use a newly developed chemical to force dormant…



          October 22, 2021

          Infant obesity risks may be reduced through proper sleep

          Sleeping proves to be one of the major factors that improves health and the same is true in case of…
          October 13, 2021

          Bronchiolitis saturates hospitals in France

          Usually more of a winter disease, bronchiolitis was already worrying health services in mid-October, reports Franceinfo. Sant√© publique France reported…
          October 11, 2021

          What are the risk factors associated with mental disorders

          Scientists say that the risk factors associated with mental disorders beyond the genetic determinants are environmental factors and an¬†international team…
          September 12, 2021

          Lung cancer screening of at-risk group helps reduce mortality

          Scientists in the UK have supported lung cancer screening of high risk groups as such screening has found to be…


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